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    Announcement: We are confirmed that a huge number of players can not connect to the server, because of the blocking/removal of gepard.dll by antivirus software for many players.

    Because of the sudden problems with antivirus products that for some reason those antivirus vendors started to detect and flag the gepard.dll as a virus, we are forced for a while until a new version of Gepard Shield can be implemented to the game client.

    We are dealing with this complex problem, but it will take too much time (about a day or more). After all, we need not just to change the protection, but also the .exe itself, to update a huge number of files and the game client.

    We apologize for the current situation. In the shortest possible time (24-36 hours) the problem will be solved. Hope for your understanding.

    Confirmed next products will detect a virus in gepard.dll:
    • Microsoft Defender
    • BitDefender
    • McAfee
    • eScan
    • GData
    • Sophos
    • Baidu
    • Bkav
    • Ad-Aware
    • ArcaBit
    • MAX
    • F-Secure
    • Ikarus
    • Many different antivirus softwares based on the anti-malware engines from the list above

    What can you do to play?
    To be clear, currently it can only be solved by adding the file/folder to ignore list (whitelist) inside your antivirus vendor until the problem will be resolved.

    Also, you can redownload archive with gepard.dll (3.12 mb) that you can extract to the game folder (password: 1234)

    Download gepard.dll (alternative link)
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.