Actual Rewards for Beta Testers

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    For all players who tested the project, reported errors, and wrote suggestions, for all of these players we have prepared a worthy reward.
    If you are Beta Tester, find the NPC Beta Rewards in the Prontera and claim your tasty rewards.

    How did we separate the testers from the "random players"
    • by in-game login count, login dates, session time
    • by unique hwid
    • by time spent in the game
    • by reported suggestions, bug reports

    Of the 210 players who visited the game server during the beta test, about 50 players continued to play. Of these, about 20 players were active and helped in every possible way via suggestions, bug reports.

    Right now we have a list of active beta testers (around 50+ players) known by the NPC. Please note, that we filtered beta testers via accounts, so if you were played on many different accounts, you will receive your reward on the account where you played the most of your time.

    If for some reason NPC can't recognize you, but you were played during the beta test, and helped the server, just open the support ticket with your account name, and we will check.
    Please note, fake players or duplicate players who already claim the rewards, or players who wish to cheat will be permanently banned. So, think twice before cheating.

    The maximum claim date for Beta Tester Reward is until 01-July-2018.
    If by that time you haven't claimed your reward yet, you won't be able to claim it anymore.
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.