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    What is Mega Coin?
    It's something that can be exchanged to Cash Points, so actually you can collect Cash Points just by playing in the game without paying anything.

    How do I get Mega Coins?
    You can get it by doing quests, get from various rewards and also freebies.
    Here is the list on how to get Mega Coins:
    • Quest from Glorious Hunter (Location = prt_in 89,72).
    • Quest from Hunting Zone (Location = Prontera 146,196).
    • Quest from Queen of the Damned (Location = Prontera 142,228).
    • Get from Daily & Hourly Reward.
    • Get from some Achievements.
    • Dropped by killing MVPs, but won't be dropped by Bloody Branches.
    • Conquer or defend a castle in WOE.

    Where can I exchange Mega Coins?
    You can talk to Donation Manager NPC located on Prontera 167,200.
    She will help you to exchange Mega Coins into Cash Points.

    (This guide might be modified in the future if we update our server related to Mega Coin)
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