Maintenance - 30 June 2018

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  1. Arrow

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    Dear players.
    We are glad to notify you that we almost finished all work before releasing the update.
    We stuck on some problems, suggestions and bugfixes earlier, but we decide to release everything what we think is ready today.
    Right now since that time we need around extra 16 hours for release.
    That means the update will be implemented to the server on around 20:00 or 22:00 by server time (GMT +0).

    The server will be moved to the new hardware in totally different DC (goodbye lags for SEA region) and we will release a quite decent update which solves many issues and implement many interesting features and suggestions that was asked.

    Going to rest first before releasing so big amount of work. We hope you will enjoy.
    So, see ya on update time!
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  2. xstormrage

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    Update logs please /ok/ok/ok
Thread Status:
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