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    All data will be WIPED when beta stage is finished

Looking for Volunteers

Discussion in 'Events' started by Arrow, May 6, 2018.

  1. Arrow

    Arrow Administrator Staff Member

    In few words:
    1. You playing on the server, what we continually develop and fixing founded issues and implement suggestions. The main purpose is to prepare the server for the final release.
    2. When almost everything is done, we will wipe the server and will open official long-term project, without annoying issues, without a mess, without stress and drama.
    This is a win-win solution to the problem.
    You playing and keep receiving updates and fixes and content.
    We tune the whole project for the community needs and requirements.
    In the final everyone is happy.

    Okay, what needs to do?
    1. We very tired after so many actions and stress so need to take some minimal rest first.
    2. Tomorrow we will prepare a plan and will inform about every step and further actions.
  2. Kiryuu

    Kiryuu New Member

    Not sure it's called "win-win" solution when all the lvling becomes a waste of time because of the wipe ...
  3. xstormrage

    xstormrage Poring Licker

    how about during the CBT, allow us to have GM commands like @blvl etc. And then after CBT, give CBT testers some kind of an incentive for even trying to help. Because for all you know, if the only goal here is to have the server up and running, there are hundreds, if not, thousand of servers out there that anyone could play.
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  4. Lyam

    Lyam New Member

    That sounds fun. I'm in.
  5. Persib Mania

    Persib Mania loyalitas tanpa batas

    what is different between obt and cbt? someone know?
  6. MeoCon

    MeoCon New Member

    Oh at least you had a chance to complain about lvls, all I had was only crash :p:D:oops:
  7. xstormrage

    xstormrage Poring Licker

    in CBT, after the Test ends, your accounts will be wiped. In OBT, your accounts will continue up until the release.
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  8. Tony

    Tony Knowhere~

  9. xstormrage

    xstormrage Poring Licker

    Sad /sob
  10. Persib Mania

    Persib Mania loyalitas tanpa batas

    yes i get gepard crash too /slur
  11. cspeid

    cspeid New Member

    Im in! always wanted to be a beta tester!
  12. JayLinh

    JayLinh Member

    pm me
  13. Persib Mania

    Persib Mania loyalitas tanpa batas

    ge-ge-ge-ge-gepard shieeeelllddddd /gg
  14. Jellybean

    Jellybean New Member

    So when exactly is the opening date? June 5? Oh wait we encountered another problem will be postponing to sept. 5..sorry we just want to you to have quality server and its just no acceptable
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  15. Persib Mania

    Persib Mania loyalitas tanpa batas

  16. Fortuna

    Fortuna New Member

    I'm fine with the beta test. At least, can you give us an end date ?
    Moreover, I'm wondering why the rate of the cards drop is 0.1 instead of 1% ?
  17. FalconR

    FalconR New Member

    Im in.
  18. Dante

    Dante New Member

    Im in too , Btw can we get the 1% back doh . atlest we test some build :) Thanks !
  19. C4Rn1f3x

    C4Rn1f3x New Member

    Count me in. I don't care about wipes. Thanks for all your efforts so far!
  20. Fortuna

    Fortuna New Member

    Can you fix the stylist npc ? Or can you assign back the default haircut for my character ? My character is currently stuck into a gepard crash error.