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    Basic Information

    • Episode: 13.2 Encounter with the Unknown (pre-renewal)
    • Max Level/Job: 99/70
    • Base Rates: 150x
    • Drop Rates: 50x
    • Normal Cards Drop: 1%
    • MVP Drop Rates: 10x
    • MVP Cards Drop: 0.01%
    • Max ASPD: 190
    • Instant Cast: 150 Dex
    • WoE Guild Capacity: 26
    • Main Language: English (international server)
    • Opening Date: 10 June 2018

    Server Features and Systems
    Detailed list of each feature will be posted after the server has been launched. In few words, we have a really huge base for having fun at MegalithRO, here are several features like:
    • Focused and balanced at PVP, BG, WoE, MVP, Solo, Hunting with Detailed Web Rankings
    • Regular Entertainment and Events (Automatic every 30 Minutes and GM Hosted)
    • Gepard Shield Protection + (Auras, Built-in RCX, Color Nicknames)
    • Anti-Inflation changes for stable Zeny economy
    • Unique and powerful: Achievement, Regional, Faction, Guild Locations, MVP Huntings, KoE, PVP & Battle Tournaments, Channel Systems, Daily and Hourly Rewards
    • Battlegrounds: Conquest, Rush, Triple Inferno, Deathmatch with widely used badges in the game
    • No Need MBK Support Guild, fixes has been applied to allow MBK, Sharp Shooting and Provoke be casted at WoE inside party
    • Entertainments aimed at solo and party players with different Instances, Leveling and Reward Quests, and so on with regular Holiday Events
    • Really huge ability for customization characters (around 1000 headgears, costumes, styles, auras, colored nicknames, pets)
    • Misc features like Rental Services, Costumer, Branch Room, Quest Zone, Hunting Zone with big set of hunting missions, Eden Quests, Card Remover, Healer, Warper, VIP System, Login Setting Managment, WoE Controller, Stat and Skill Reseter, Breeder, WoE Controller, Class Master / Job Changer, Build Manager, Several Stylists, Consumables Shops, Battle Recruiters, Skill Helpers, Adoption Services, Faction Assistant, Referral, Daily, Hourly Freebies
    • Professional and helpful in-game administration which will keep safe and fun long-running project.

    • autotrade, me, iteminfo, voteleader, joinbg, rates, ignore, spb, packetfilter,
    • noeffects, show, stats, time, channel, go, aloot, reject, duel, accept, whereis,
    • whodrops, who, security, showzeny, whosell, whosell2, jailtime, commands,
    • restock, refresh, autorefresh, partyexp, show, emotion, heart, dance,
    • battleinfo, reportafk, mission, myinfo, lgp, square, displaydrop and so on (the list will be updated with time)
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Thread Status:
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