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    We have the great system of freebies which give you nice abilities with minimal interaction. Except for Daily, Hourly Rewards, and Referral System we have Starter Package, Guild Package, and WoE Specific Rentals

    Starter Package
    • VIP System for 14 days
    • Novice Set (potions, equipment, consumables)
    • Class Oriented Set of items after changing class
    • Set of items that will be unlocked when you reach minimal required level
    Guild Packages
    If you bring all of your friends and guild to the server (minimum 10 players), you will receive a Special Guild Package which will help you avoid some issues related to boring staff. We are following next statement:
    We will not give you an ability to get all items because you just here, this is incorrect and not fair for solo and small party players (usually a big part of the community).

    Our goal is giving you tools for avoiding the most boring part. So the Guild Package will contain items for fast MVPing and start participation at BG and hunt for loots.

    Requirements are equal for all players in the application:
    • Max 99/70 class
    • Not fakes, not randoms, not leveled via single or some other guy
    • Empty logins from foreign accounts (we are against 1 worker which leveling whole guild for receiving a package)
    Information with details will be posted a little bit later.

    WoE Rental System:
    Set of items that you can rent on WoE time only. This is a mechanism to help unprepared WOE guilds to get access to some basic equipment items.
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Thread Status:
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