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    With a very heavy heart, and after very active and hot discussions within our team, with a huge number of disagreements, we want to announce you not a good news.

    MegalithRO will not start tomorrow as planned and will not be available a game client today.

    The server is very big and complex, and a lot of things, that we do not like how they working right now, can't be changed after server opening and strictly bounded to each other feature in the server (server-side + client-side). Which tie our hands in releasing the server in time.

    We can share download links, turn on the server, and open it for everyone even on current stage, but you will be disappointed very much because we are - already. You come to MegalithRO play, and not report about the problems or writing suggestions and waiting when they will be implemented. We really appreciate you and your time, that's why we want to give you a not complete game, where everything is semi-raw, and even GM team not like it too much.

    When we delayed the launch of the server, we tried to solve the challenges we faced, but the more we did, the more we understood what more we needed to do, (new bugs, rewriting features, rethinking features because of founded limitations and trying to avoid them, etc)

    Today, after the final review of the server, I found out some very bad feeling in my heart, that the server what we made, does not look production ready, and releasing semi-raw product is much worse than releasing well-polished server with entertainment and fun from the first minute.

    We can postpone it one more week, and try your patience. But this is not respectful to players, and after postponing the server already, we have no complete vision how many time we will need to finish the MegalithRO as it planned on a paper. No one can predict how much time we need, because this is sort of a creative work, and each task/problem is solved in different ways, with spending different times. Maybe we will have enough and a couple of days in order to bring things back to a vision what we built from start, and maybe not.

    That why we postponing the server opening until the server will be fully ready and game client will be uploaded to the site and forum. And we will notify everyone when it will be done via browser notifications and emails and many other methods.

    Please accept our sincere apologies for the fact that it happened, we are also very upset, and we did not want to try your patience, and to postpone the opening date again and again, we understand how stupid we look and how much we disappoint someone, but we can not open the server that we personally do not like at this stage, and we think that it is unfortunately not ready yet.

    Please, hit the red bell at right bottom corner, and stay tuned for a news!
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