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    Google Drive | MEGA | NoFile


    Google Drive | MEGA | NoFile

    The lite game installer is suitable for people who have a slow internet connection, or limited bandwidth, although this method is NOT RECOMMENDED because we can't guarantee that the user will have up to date basic (core) game client part.
    The lite game client is not compatible with any other game client except clean kRO. For example, you can take BGM and data.grf (from our full game client) from the links above.

    Download Links
    We provide you with 2 types of client installers:
    • Full Game Installer
    • Lite Game Installer
    The full game installer is the one we recommend because it's fully compatible with MegalithRO server. Before launching the game client, configure your screen resolution first by running the Setup.exe.

    This client contains all latest and stable server content, updated, and also fully configured.
    Download from any of mirrors above, install to any NOT SYSTEM folder and run MegalithRO Patcher to play.

    Download Links (last update): 22 September 2018 (repacked, include all updates)

    Common Issues and how to solve them
    I. After pressing "Start" in the Patcher nothing happens.
    This is a frequent issue related to the configuration part (resolution and graphics adapter).
    1. Reboot your PC
    2. Run setup.exe
    3. Select your graphics Adapter and Resolution
    4. Press OK
    5. Run Patcher
    If it does not help (which is very strange), you can set in the dinput.ini to proper resolution and play in full screen without issues. For example:
    WindowWidth = 800
    WindowHeight = 600

    II. On my device, I can't select the Nvidia Graphic Adapter
    This issue is related to GeForce, they drop support for old API which utilized by RO game client.
    Usually, an internal graphics card will be fine for rendering the game world. So do not worry.
    But if you want to force to select your Nvidia Graphic Adapter, you will need an HDMI cable and foreign display. Connect your display to your device and the graphics adapter will be force-enabled, so you can play on your device under Nvidia Graphics.

    III. Nvidia and blurry screen or screen with artifacts


    Solution: Press CTRL + ALT + DEL for calling the Task Manager, then return back to the RO, the issue will be solved. This is the known workaround, as the issue exists on all modern graphics cards for a desktop of Nvidia family.

    IV. Small text, bad display scaling, very small interface.


    Solution: Not Actual - Client Font Size: Chats and Menus

    V. I need to run X with the game client. why does it not work?


    We have a built-in protection and several custom plugins which solve most of the issues related to FPS. Plus we have a huge amount of features for avoiding issues during gameplay. If you need RCX, just edit plugin.ini, and you need to modify some of GRFs, you can touch only the data.ini file.
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    Download links have been updated to the actual game client with all changes up to 22 September 2018.
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