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    Deathmatch PVP Arena
    Deathmatch PVP Arena is a place where if you died, you will be instantly resurrected, and fully healed. This is an ideal place for PVP players who loves to kill enemies without switching between respawn map and PVP arena. You can just log in here and do not log out until you decided to do so.

    Still did not get how it works? Okay, you're warped to PVP Arena where there are two safe zones where you will see a Healer, which will buff you and recover your health only if you stay in this safe zone. But you can't jump into the safe zone, you are instantly resurrected in the safe zone after you're dead, and after several seconds, the NPC will give you heal and buff, then you will be warped to a random place on the Deathmatch PVP Arena for killing enemies.


    eAmod Battlegrounds

    Game Modes: "Conquest","Rush","Triple Inferno","Team DeathMatch"
    Minimum Players to start: 3-5 per team (depends on the game).
    Team Rotation: Class Priority

    BG Related Commands:
     @joinbg, @leavebg, @changegm, @leader, @order 
    BG Related Extra Information:
    • BG Consumables can be used on PVP too.
    • We have an anti-afk system inside BG with HWID and other safe-checks.
    • We have only one BG Badges type: (ID: 57027, BG Badges).
    • Equipment from Erundek is Account Bound.
    • Erundek also selling many very powerful Items, except KVM Equipment.


    Queue Duel System


    This is a 1 vs 1 PVP Arena with 3 Rounds. The strongest wins. Equal conditions for all participants.
    The results will be announced all over the world.

    Also, we forgot to say about:
    1. Ranks will reset every month
    2. We have web-ranking too
    3. We have arena without pots or even PVP Arena for 9 (nine) episode equipment.
    4. Also, we have not say about many different @commands presented on our server which helps increase fps, and so on.
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