BETA Changelog for 17 May 2018

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    Today we wish to inform you about the current status of the server development.
    Right now we're working on finalization part of the server.

    What does it mean?
    1. Just several minor issues left to implement/ change/fix (they are not critical)
    2. Then we need to review each system, rewards, and test them again.
    3. Then we need to write detailed information about the server (features information)
    4. Then we need to prepare different totally new rewards and freebies: guild packages, different systems.
    5. There're several Systems with what we are not happy: Eden, Faction, Regional, Achievements: these systems will be modified and extended via modern features.
    6. When everything above will be finished (will be published detailed changelog tomorrow / at Saturday) we can start to talk about Official Opening Date

    What has been done in last several days?
    1. We fixed ranks, website, forum, registration, and other parts of the project related to web-server for avoiding issues with downtimes. We spent our time to make maximum what we can to do.
    2. We prepared particularly future update what will be released soon with the almost all fixes for the issues reported to us.
    3. We have reviewed some part of problems, and have internal discussions and progress over different gameplay parts.

    When will the server be ready?
    The server will be ready when we will finish guides about the server and will make an announcement about it. We very close to start the final part very soon.
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.