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BETA Changelog for 12 May 2018 (many changes)

Discussion in 'News and Updates' started by Arrow, May 11, 2018.

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  1. Arrow

    Arrow Administrator Staff Member

    Before you start to read
    This is the big update. We've fixed many issues, implement many suggestions, found hidden problems and then resolved them, fixed issues related to the client, server. And to be clear if I summarize everything, the amount of work to make the server ready for release is not much left. About the release, we will talk about future updates, but for now, let us present current changelog.

    The previous graph about how it was before, can be seen here:

    As you can see, we've fixed around 50 tasks. 1 Task = 1 problem. The list of problems comes from players' reports, messages on the forum, and found issues. So, we did really big work of solving issues.


    While you are reading this message, please run the Patcher first
    If for some reason you can't download latest patches, please turn off your antivirus first, as it can lock the patching process (this can be a side effect, because we've changed the game client and related files too). And keep reading. You can check suggestion and bug report categories to track of what and how things have been changed.

    Let me start from the client part

    1. We've fixed problems inside the game client, related to click delays and issues that can provoke tons of problems (your character walk into NPC, or after clicking, you instantly moving to the cell where your mouse cursor was), not only these issues, the previous issue with the game client could provoke tons of problems that you've already noticed. Since the update, you will not see these problems. Issues related to: Arrow Shower problem, Healer and Warper NPC issue, Merchant walk issues and so on. All of these issues now have been marked as resolved, because the issue does not exist with the new game client.

    2. We've fixed issues related to pets, and errors related to the pets with accessories.

    3. We've fixed Navigation System, and made it fully usable, which works with mobs, NPCs, and other contents on the server. This system can now search for mobs, NPCs, maps and so on, and will help you to go to any destination where you want to go.

    You can easily use it, for example:
    /navi prontera 156/180
    4. Removed annoying town info icons and recovered original weight icon.

    5. Synced item restrictions displayed at the game client with the server-side.

    Server-side changes
    Thank you very much for your bug reports, support tickets, and suggestions.
    We've tried to do as much as we physically can, and implemented around maybe 90% of the suggestions, and fixed around 90% of all found and reported bugs.

    Please continue to report any problems you found (if they are still exist (but we hope it's not)) to the forum.

    6. Warper


    Based on your suggestions and our own vision how it must work, we've made everything from scratch.

    • All maps and fields are now available, except for maps that marked as [MVP] or [VIP], these maps will work only for VIP members.
    • Added a lot of missing content to the Warper.
    • Fixed @go command and go positions, also removed not exist maps in the 13.2 episode.
    • Warper added to all towns.
    • Resolved issues with incorrect maps which are empty and should never be accessed.
    • Cleaned and tested Warper.
    • At prison map, we have disabled the PVP feature.
    We really hope that you will try it, and don't forget to visit Special Zones too.

    7. Found and fixed several critical hidden bugs that affect on almost every aspect in the game, on quests, on skills, and overall performance in the game. For example: Onward to the New World Quest was not work as intended because of the bug. This is just a short example, but there are a lot more things that now work really fine and good as expected. This is one of the several critical bug fix that make the whole experience much better. We will not provide too many details, but this is a very critical bug fix.

    8. Fixed issues related to staying in the same cell (because of the bug above), that could provoke errors and weird behavior with Warper, teleportation skills and so on.

    9. As for our Merchant NPC, we've added Lemon, Acid Bottles and EDP, these items (except Lemon) are just a temporary compromise to grant players wishes. If you have a much better idea, please let us know.

    10. Added default quests to Sunglasses[1] (alberta,88,193), Bandit Beard, and Elven Ears.
    Because of that change, since now you can unlock the quest for crafting Angel Wing Ears and Evil Wing Ears.

    11. Fixed issues with Event Warper and protected against dual logins (hardware based checks) when in some cases it doesn't work as intended (did not permit a player to warp to a map).

    12. Added Wise Old Woman (Card Remover) and some employee of Enchanters inside the Prontera Blacksmith room.

    13. Changed to static drop from most popular MVP's with very tasty items.
    I talk about LHZ MVP's, Ifrit, Beelze, Valk, Nydhog, Satan.
    Try @mi on the following ID's to check manually the drop rate of changed mobs by yourself.

    14. Added Dragon Vesta to Draco drop with static 0.5% drop chance.

    15. Analyzed, investigated and resolved an issue related to Bloody Branches and its usage limitation. This should remove annoying issues with MVPs from Bloody Branches in several places, where the MVP's and monsters should not exist.

    16. Taekwon, Alchemist, Blacksmith, PVP, WoEand BG ranks issues has been fixed. For example, earlier because of the found and reported bug, you were not added to the top rank (for example can't be a Ranked Taekwon after finishing missions), now the issue has been resolved. This is one of the critical bugs. We really appreciate your reports.

    17. We've changed many other small issues, and implement different suggestions and features. Those changes were minor, so we decided not to make announcements about them.

    18. Also, we now have a status page on Twitter: https://twitter.com/MegalithRO
    But we think, after moving the hosting to another place on days, the problem will not be actual anymore.

    About Discord, we will prepare a message with detailed information why we denying to use any 3rd party software, and will not use it. But short answer -> this make much more problems, then help, split the community, taking and wasting time, making a mess in managing suggestions / bug reports / community. Who really wish to talk in Discord, they already have their own channels where they can talk. We will not provide any official Discord channel in near future until the reasons above could be resolved somehow.

    What's left?
    To be clear, with this major update, we fixed around 95% of all bugs or even more, and implemented a lot of really nice suggestions from the community.

    But some extra work must still be processed, and there are still several bug reports left.
    You can check on what we are working on links below:

    Here is our small plan:
    1. Finish bug reports and suggestions
    2. Review whole server, rewards, systems, and create detailed information about each feature on the server
    3. Prepare guild packages, freebies, rewards for Beta Testers
    4. Move the web hosting to a new place, and tune webserver for avoiding issues what happened with us on May 05
    5. Review again everything, make sure everything works perfectly fine
    6. Close the Beta Test Server
    7. Wipe Beta test server
    8. Announce Opening Date
    9. Do Advertising (we did not stop it)
    10. Open the MegalithRO

    To people who may have problems with the Patcher
    After around 1 hour we will update links at download section which includes latest patches. [DONE]
    You may turn off your antivirus temporarily (if for some reason it blocked the download), or you can download the whole game installer again, then install it to a new place.
    Link: https://megalithro.com/forum/threads/download-links.11/
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  2. Arrow

    Arrow Administrator Staff Member

    All download links which include the update patches from the changelog updated.
    You can take them from here: https://megalithro.com/forum/threads/download-links.11/

    Use it, if for some reason you stuck on patching process.
    You can also try to remove the megalithro.dat file and try to run the patcher again.
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