BETA Changelog for 08 May 2018

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    Current Progress


    What does it mean?
    1. We collecting almost every feedback from players and processing it in our queue as fast as it possible.
    2. The progress going at a constant speed of the solving issues (this is good)
    3. Several tasks interconnect each to each other, which means if we will resolve one, will be resolved several with it automatically
    4. We already have several priorities about most annoying problems and issues, and doing our best to resolve the issues as fast as it possible.
    5. There are dramatically decreased error rate, after changes applied day ago
    6. We still have few critical as we think issues, which very annoying in the game: click issues, and gepard crash, about last -> we found a temporary solution and already implemented it, so nobody yet reported about any crashes, so we on the right way.

    Plans for 09 May 2018
    1. Implement as maximum as we can do suggestions and fix bug reports.
    2. Maybe, we are not sure, tomorrow will be founded solutions for 2 critical bugs above.

    What everything above means?
    1. Thanks to you dear testers, we solving and detecting problems really fast
    2. When will be processed all bugs and implemented most critical suggestions, we will start to make a topic with information about each feature
    3. We visit the forum several times per day and answering at the forum as much as we can at current stage (because focused mostly on the bug report/suggestions/support tickets). Please, do not worry about the response from us, we are reading everything, but not always an answer because answer usually requires a time for discussions inside our team about the subject, and only then we can write something.

    Current known issues:

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