Changelog - 30 June 2018

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    Before we start
    In this update, we tried to resolve the issue as much as we can and implement player's suggestions. We strongly recommend players to describe bug report and suggestions in detail if you see that their progress did not move for more than 3-5 days. Right now our current top priority schedule related to players feedback looks like below:


    That means only 10 tasks from the entire forum (it can be suggestions, bug reports, or questions) left to implement. Not too much, isn't it? Around the half of all bug reports and suggestions are already implemented in this update. Rest part will be splitted to the next updates.

    We are always keep watching and reading all messages, and also answering if we can help on the forum with something. We know about all topics with "In-Progress" prefix, and that means we will do some work related to it on the live server, or in the next updates.

    Our second priority in this list, but the highest one is on advertising campaign, which will begin on full power in several days, we were working hard on it to prepare the campaign to start from the first day of July to invite as many players as we can. We split the company into two parts, for now, the first part will begin from today, second part will be run on next update.
    We plan to increase the game server online several times in this month, already made a big, deep and detailed plan of how we will do it. The second part of advertising plan requires us to implement several features to the server first (maybe some kind of freebies for new players, or even guilds, but that part is still under progress).

    So, our message in short is: We're focusing right now in full power on the advertising after this update. Also, if everything goes to plan, in the next update we will deploy more upgraded protection with extended features that will beat invasion of bad people who do some illegal activities, in this update we already using part of the new protection as well.

    Let's Begin The Changelog!

    Changed Game-Server Hosting:
    Several months ago we decided to try the host, and it was in our plan. Under our tests, we were happy with that but did not host the server from the beginning, because we're not sure if it's stable enough, but now after many tests and reports from players, we can say, yes, the host change is worth it. Player feedback including packet loss reports on the previous week were also the final factor to apply the decision.

    What will you get, after that update?

    If are you from:
    • SEA Region: Latency decrease 50-70ms + 0% packet loss (VERY good latency for now) in our tests, players with 240ms, now will get 180ms latency, and so on. This is super good results.
    • South America: Latency decrease 20-40ms + 0% packet loss (very smooth gameplay too), better network routings.
    • North America: Great latency over the whole region, some locations can increase latency just a little bit, from other locations you will get decreased latency. Overall latency and feelings in the game is much better than it was earlier.
    • Europe (West, Central, East): +-10ms latency added. But without packet loss, on the premium network. It means -> your in-game time will be much smoother and better than before.
    • Asia: This depends on your provider, but because of using premium networks, we predict much better connection through out rest.

    Isn't it great? We hope you will enjoy it. This is also unlocked MegalithRO for all SEA region and players from Philipines, Indonesia, Malaysia, Vietnam, Thailand, Japan, South Korea, Singapore, etc. (and we will launch advertising directly to this region too)

    Please run the patcher, to get all patches. Also, you can download the game client installer which has been repacked and reuploaded with all updates up to current date from here: Important - Download Links

    Battlegrounds and Event-related changes
    There are several not big, but very important changes, we will highlight some of them:

    Added free 2 minutes Food buffs to Battleground Healer!
    You maybe saw the NPC earlier, now it's fully working. The purpose of the Manager is buffing inside Battlegrounds via Healer. The food buff only last for 2 minutes, but in BG it's more than enough. You do not need to use anything, the food status is free and can be configured in the NPC. Use it, and win!

    Improved Anti-AFK feature in the Battleground maps
    We read many reports about toxic players and how they do AFK farming. In the update, we rethought and changed a lot of things to block illegal activities and restrict abusers on BG. This is a pretty tricky system, we will not talk about the details on how it works, but it can greatly reduce toxic players. The main purpose now -> if you stay and do nothing, not playing like a normal player on BG, you will be kicked, or even not rewarded in BG Badges after round ends.

    Conquest and Rush BG Modes has been temporary disabled
    Now only: Triple Inferno, and Deathmatch modes. The reason is very simple - small online. When we will increase the server online after an advertising campaign, we will add back these modes, and maybe more (if requested and needed).

    Updated several skills and items usage (fixed some bug) on BG
    Kaizel, Flying Sidekick, Vending, First Aid, now can not be casted on Battleground maps anymore. The reason is very simple, some of the skills used for illegal activities, another for abusing the system, and so on.

    Fixed bugs with atcommand: @listenbg and @listenevent, now players can choose to listen or ignore the announcements from BG and Events. Some players reported that they do not see BG invites, and BG announces, now you able to control what you will or won't see with @listenbg, @bglisten, and other aliases like that. Also, this is related to @listenevent and @eventlisten. But some of the announcements (informative) which displaying very useful information (but not spamming about it) will be displayed.

    NPCs in several towns

    Added Healer, Warper, Merchant and Kafra staff to next towns:
    • Morocc
    • Payon
    • Geffen
    • Alberta
    • Izlude
    • Gonryun
    When the server online will be increased, we will add NPC's to more towns.

    Different Changes

    Implemented Branch Room: Dead Branches now can only be used inside the Branch Room

    Drop rates related bugs
    There are many different issues with rates that has been found and fixed.
    We want to highlight some of them:
    • Over 100% drop rate displayed in the chat if VIP status is active
    • Incorrect rates displayed when VIP for @ddrop or @displaydrop (also added alias for @ddrop = @displaydrop)
    • Old card albums returned to normal drop rate
    • Also, even Homunculus friendly rate increased in several times for faster feeding and making more fun in the game rather than grinding.
    • Many small other fixes, which we can not mention here, because there are so many small fixes that's impossible to track, but you might notice them in game.

    • Fixed Gopinich not dropping MVP Voucher and Mega Coins
    • Fixed a bug in PVP Tournament event
    • Fixed Emperium bug in KOE event
    • Removed Mega Coins from Daily Freebies to prevent abuse
    • Abracadabra now can't be casted on Prontera anymore
    • Star Gladiator now can cast Solar/Lunar/Stellar Opposition skill on Emperium
    • Fixed player from being locked out for too often typing wrong password
    • Added explicit warning message to Wise Old Woman (Card Remover NPC)
    • Fixed buggy Rough Elunium & Rough Oridecon converter
    • Added new atcommand '@mission2' to check Item Gathering mission

    • Fixed Kafra bug, where a player could become stuck and couldn't move after using Storage
    • Fixed autotrader bug, sometimes they are not reloaded again after server restart
    • Beta Reward NPC is now disabled, because it's already 01 July 2018
    • Changed the text color of #main and #trade channel so it's become easier to read
    • Removed unused #support channel from in-game
    • Removed Angel Wing requirement when joining the Angel faction

    Guild War (PK System)


    Do you want PK everywhere, but don't want be a target of random battles?
    Are you a guild member, and have an enemy guild that always steal your MVP kills? Are you eager to know who is better? You can start the new system that's pretty cool for Guilds for now.

    How does it work?

    If you're a guild leader and want PK everywhere except in towns, and classic pvp, fvf, gvg, woe battles with any other guild that you hate. The enemy guild also must confirm that you're enemy for them as well too. And that it, now you're enemies and can fight vs each other everywhere (except towns), and already pre-defined battle zones (pvp, gvg, koe, gvg, woe)

    Guild in opposition (Antagonist) now can fight with each other, here's how it works:

    War of Emperium
    We prepared almost everything for WoE, we hope we can open WoE on the next week if you want. Just let us know, and join to the discussion related to WoE on the forum by link: N> feedback - 1-castle Woe!

    Also, we have fixed the buggy @restock command, and you can use it anywhere.
    Have fun!

    Our next steps:
    1. Launch first part of advertising and after that we will launch the second part to increase population on the server.
    2. Implement 10 left suggestions, and fix bug reports.
    3. Prepare extended Faction vs Faction system and Dedicated events, and more entertainment part in the game world.

    Please keep us informed about problems you found to the Support Tickets or on the forum. Same goes for player suggestions as well.

    Thank you very much for your attention, and once again, do not forget to run the Patcher.

    Happy gaming!
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