Changelog - 19 June 2018

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    Here is the list of changelog of the last maintenance:
    • Since the population is still low, the Battleground is now opened for 24 hours.

    • Reduced the Battleground team requirement to 2 players for each team.
    • Fixed Battleground bug which didn't give BG Badge after each round ends.
    • Fixed players that got kicked when the Battleground starts.

    • Fixed Guardians and Emperium bug in Battleground.
    • Fixed server crash that was caused by specific Battleground issue.
    • Fixed Battleground announcement bug, now players can use @listenbg to turn on/off the announcement.

    • Fixed MVPs not dropping MVP Voucher and Mega Coins.
    • Added some missed users from Beta Tester Reward.
    • Temporarily disabled @restock command, it will stay disabled until we've completely fixed it.
    • Added some new items to Cash Shop.

    • Implemented new Jackpot Machine that can give you up to 50 Mega Coins.
    • Fixed minor issue with Pet Machine NPC.

    • Fixed Build Manager NPC that gives back wrong stats when loading.
    • Now the Build Manager save data will only work on specific Base Level and Class. So if you level up or change class, the saved data can not be loaded anymore and the player need replace them with new data (overwrite the save data).

    • Re-positioned the Glorious Hunter and his Helper to Prontera 164,125.
    • Originally they were located in prt_in 89,72.

    • Implemented a new map called as NPC Area, this area can be reached by talking to the Warper -> Special Area -> NPC Area. Basically this is a place where all major NPCs are unified.

    We have added some new client resources, although we have tested them all, some of missing resources might slip under our eyes.
    So if you found a pop up like this:
    Just press CTRL+C and paste the text into a Support Ticket
    With your help, we can address them faster :)

    Happy playing! /no1
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.