BETA Changelog 07 May 2018

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    Changelog since OBT started:
    • Increased all exp and drop rate by +10x
    • Fixed player and monster warp issue
    • Fixed a bug when player died while playing as Angel or Demon
    • Renamed Freebies NPC name to Hourly Reward
    • Implemented monster HP in percentage
    • Fixed wrong bonus message from KOE when entering owned regions
    • Added info message for @autoloot and @showexp
    • Implemented @setcmd effect without relogin
    • Adjusted #Main channel to brighter text color
    • Added a warp portal inside KOE map
    • Fixed a bug with Emperium inside KOE map
    • Added a new NPC: Item Deleter (located in Prontera 147,143)
    • Added more detailed info on KOE Entrance NPC
    • Maximum selling price for items is now 10,000z
    • Various of small misc fixes which provoke lags and glitches

    Known Issues:

    Please continue to report about bugs here:

    Please continue post suggestions here:

    Or you always can use Support Tickets if you want to talk only with GM Team
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.