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    Patching issue with antivirus (false positive to Trojan)

    Some users who use our MegalithRO client using Windows Defender (and sometimes other antiviruses) may experience issues since the latest patch (block from antivirus, false positive to Trojan, missing file : gepard.dll,…). Don’t be afraid, the MegalithRO client is not corrupted!

    Your antivirus is just reacting to our Anti-cheat software since it is modifying the exe file. As a consequence, your antivirus is removing the file gepard.dll, since this behaviour is usually seen as trojan viruses.

    This issue is well-known to all Ragnarok clients using this feature. In order to solve it, you just have to either whitelist the MegalithRO installation file/folder on your antivirus, or ask your security system to restore the file when it triggers. If the gepard.dll file was already removed, just reinstall the full client installer again. If you have whitelisted the file/folder, you won't trigger the security again, and you'll be able to run the client normally.

    If you need more information on this matter, feel free to ask the admin by making a Support Ticket.

    The MegalithRO team

    (Special thanks goes to Fireblist)
Thread Status:
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