Terms of Service


The user must ensure the safety of their own login and password, and bear all risks associated with the transfer of login and password to third parties. Game values that were lost through the fault of the player can not be recovered.

Questions and complaints concerning the Laws of the Game as a whole, as well as the severity of punishment and justice, you should contact the Administrator in the forum via Support Ticket.


Game rules

1. Communication (in any form)

1.1. In general chat or IRC Channels, you are prohibited to use insults, slander, brutality, provocation, threat to life, health, blackmail, profanity (including veiled form). Yellow: Ban 1 day. Red: Ban 5 days.

1.2. You are prohibited to spread propaganda of violence, cruelty, suicide, drugs, discrimination on any grounds (political, religious, national, racial, etc.), And any other actions that may adversely affect the human psyche or violate the International Law. Yellow: Ban 1 day. Red: Ban 5 days.

1.3. You are prohibited to spread in public discussion about actions of Administration of the server, spreading false information about the server and Administration server as a whole, as well as the messages in any way denigrating the Administration server and the server as a whole. Yellow: Ban 1 day. Red: Ban 7 days.

If you are faced with a violation of one of the listed items, do not enter into a discussion with the offender and do not respond to his communications. Instead, write a complaint via Support Ticket, attaching a screenshot confirming the violation.

Paragraph 1.1 does not apply to personal messages, posts in party chat or guild chat. You can block private messages using this command: "/ex " (This command will block incoming private message from nickname "Name" in-game).


2. Unacceptable behavior

2.1. It is forbidden to disseminate any information on behalf of the Administration, or impersonating a representative of the Administration. Yellow: Ban 1 day. Red: Ban 7 days.

2.2. It is forbidden the use of incorrect (in particular, offensive, provocative, containing profanity) character names, guild names, party, game shops, etc. Penalty: Account lock.

2.3. It is prohibited to spread campaign and advertising of other RO servers in-game. Yellow: Ban 1 day. Red: Ban 7 days.

2.4. It is forbidden to post information, as well as to make the purchase, sale or exchange of game items, coupons, Zeny, characters, accounts for real currency or its virtual counterparts. Yellow: Ban 7 days. Red: Account lock.


3. Gaming interaction

3.1. It is forbidden to interfere in the work of the Administration (through the provision of false information, misleading, fake screenshots or video, spam / flood in private message, and so on). Yellow: Ban 1 day. Red: Ban 7 days.

3.2. It is forbidden to interfere with other players (for example, to block ranged attacks using Pneuma, blocks the movement of other players using Ice Wall, spamming spells in public places excessively, etc.). Yellow: Ban 1 day. Red: Ban 7 days.

3.3. Prohibited malicious killsteal (monster killing when the specified monster is in a fight with another player). Yellow: Ban 3 days. Red: Ban 7 days.

3.4. It is forbidden to misuse the skill Warp Portal at any point of occurrence of other players. Yellow: Ban 7 days. Red: Account lock.

3.5. It is forbidden to use the Dead Branch or other monster summoning items at a distance of less than 10 cells from other players. Yellow: Ban 1 day. Red: Ban 7 days.

Paragraph 3.2, 3.3, 3.5 does not apply in battle against the boss or mini-boss monsters, as well as the unique mini-bosses such as Angeling, Deviling, Ghostring, ArchAngeling and Valkyrie.

To obtain an objective picture of what is happening, when applying an abuse on locations Somatology Laboratory (lhz_dun03) and Ruins of Juperos (juperos_01), you have to provide a proof using continuous videos without interruption of no less than 10 minutes.

When in battle with the player are more than 6-8 monsters, it is permissible to kill the excess monsters (2-3 extra monster in the pack).


4. Using the game of errors (bugs, exploits), automation of gameplay

4.1. It is forbidden to use any errors (bugs, exploits, backdoors, etc) in the game. Yellow: Account roll back. Red: Account Lock.

4.2. It is forbidden to post information about the programs that automate gameplay or otherwise allow to obtain an unfair advantages, interfering with the game mechanics (bots, macros, item duplicators, and so on). As well as any client modifications, except those that have been allowed by the Administration. Yellow: Account roll back. Red: Account Lock.

4.3. It is forbidden to receive and / or storage of illegal duplicated items, fraud (obtaining goods by fraud game, etc), as well as the receipt and / or storage of items. Yellow: Account roll back. Red: Account Lock.

4.4. It is prohibited to do unauthorized access to someone else's game account. Yellow: Account roll back. Red: Account Lock.

4.5. It is prohibited to share access of your game account to someone else. We will not be responsible of any results that may happen.


Approved modifications to the client

At the moment, we only allow the client to use the RCX. Any other modifications will fall under the rules of Paragraph 4.2


Rules for submitting a Support Ticket

1. When making a Support Ticket, you should provide us screenshots/videos, that clearly demonstrating the violation of the rules of the game. The controversial and non-obvious cases may require continuous video proof without interruption with duration of around 10 minutes. Videos must be recorded in good quality (that was clearly evident the nickname of the offender) and uploaded to YouTube.

2. The text of the proposal, as well as screenshots or video must have the offending nickname visible.

3. To confirm a Kill Steal (Paragraph 3.3), it's necessary to make a series of screenshots or make a video, which clearly shows what you (or your group) first began to attack the monster. Complaints about violations of the rules on Paragraph 3.2 and 3.3 are taken only from the leader of the party, if you are in a party. Take a screenshot/video with unwrapped party list (alt + Z).

4. Screenshots must be made by pressing the button «Print Screen». Screenshots made by third-party applications will not be accepted; change the name, size or the file format, as well as in any way cut or image edit is forbidden.

5. The screenshot must be attached to the message by using the "Upload file" button; applications with screenshots, images placed on external image hosting will not be accepted. Screenshots whose meaning lies in the phrase of players must be made with a fully unfolded chat.

6. Support Ticket with screenshots made more than 3 days ago (counting from the date of application) will not be accepted.

7. The complaint must be submitted by the person in respect of which rules have been violated. Complaints from other persons will be ignored.

8. Support Ticket that are not confirmed by evidence, will be ignored.

9. When you reported something via Support Ticket, any screenshots or video that was taken by third party applications will be ignored.

10. It is also prohibited to spread such screenshots or videos to public in the forum. Their authors will be issued a warning and for subsequent use will be punished according to Paragraph 4.2

The penalty for violations listed in the Paragraph 4, does not apply when you are, in fact, did not use the error and immediately reported it the Administration. If you are unsure whether or not found error/bug, or is it just a feature of the game, you need to go to the Administration to ask for an explanation.



Repeated violation of any of the paragraphs of the rules will inevitably lead to a lifetime ban of your game account!

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